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Fresh Copywriting Served Daily
The Foodie Magnet of Marketing


Food Industry Copywriting Services Prepared Exclusively for Restaurants, Private Chefs, Manufacturers (both big and small), Specialty Food Stores & More!


Meet Kurt Schwacke, Word Chef and Foodie Magnet

If you are reading this it is highly likely you have a vested interest in marketing some aspect of food.  Whatever the interest and aspect is, it is highly likely you have come to the right place.  Welcome!  I have a full course of copywriting services to help the widest variety of food related businesses.  I know each type of business is unique from several standpoints.  That’s why listening, and research are key and set me apart from so many other firms.  Please allow my passion for culinary writing, MBA, and training from the American Writers and Artists Institute solve your marketing challenges.  I offer basic site reviews and consultations for free!  Please continue to look around and get the inside scoop on me and details on the services available.  

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