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Copywriting Specialities

There are so many aspects to food industry copywriting. Listed below are the broad categories that food businesses generally fall into and generally held truisms on successful food industry marketing and copywriting for each. Your business within the broad category is of course unique and will get treatment as such at KLS Copywriting! 

Image by Jay Wennington


The first and cheapest route to any successful restaurant is word of mouth. Word of mouth can make or break any restaurant in short order. That said, written copy is key to getting and maintaining that word of mouth. I can help you with all the things related to word of mouth:


  • Effective website

  • Restaurant blog

  • Mouth-watering menu descriptions

  • The restaurants story…how did you come to be?

  • Cultivating a presence on social media

  • Emails to stay in touch with customers and describe special events.

  • Giving consideration to food and restaurant trends.


Let’s discuss all of the above aspects of your restaurants marketing…and more.


Private Chefs

If your niche is cooking for individuals or small parties, you want enticing words that will quickly describe why you are perfect for your target audience. And you do need a target audience. Private chefs cannot be all things to all people. In short order you need to:


  • Describe who are and why you are qualified for your target audience.

  • List the services you offer and give examples of past menus.

  • Entice your desired clientele to act. They better call now, or they won’t get you!

  • SEO is also key for this specialty niche.

Let’s discuss how we can keep your calendar booked.

Private Chefs

Specialty Stores

As the owner of an on-line store selling unique food items, whether B2C or B2B, exposure through SEO optimization is paramount. So is a well laid out and organized website that includes good descriptions and photos.

Get in touch to let my foodie marketing skills help your bottom line.

Speciality Stores

Food Manufacturers

Whether you are big or small, as a B2B company your target market is other companies that will resell or use your product to make something else. Both website quality and SEO are key to getting new clients. Your website must convey what you offer as well as assurance you can meet their needs in terms of quality and on-time delivery.


To keep clients long-term you must then deliver on those assurances. While all this may seem basic, writing copy that conveys all of this is not. Let me help.

Food Manfactures

Recipe for Success

The short description of my recipe is collaboration. I start by listening. Then researching. And listening some more. Part of the research will involve a questionnaire for you to complete. Depending on the project, I may next send you a first draft, or possibly first discuss the general direction I see the project going. Finally, the finished product is done and sent for approval. A contract and deposit is required so there are no misunderstandings.

Recipe for Success
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