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Pricing & Timing

Because each project is unique, I do not have an hourly rate.

My rates are quoted by project and take into account several factors, but primarily I need to know what you bring to the table. 


By that, I mean:

  • Can you provide existing copy and materials? A lot? Some?  Is it good copy that needs tweeking or is it a redo?

  • How many site pages are you looking to develop?  Is/Are the food product(s) easily understood…or is it something that takes more explanation (i.e. why should I spend an extra $3 for a bottle of your special recipe ketchup?).  How many products do you have?

  • Will you supply all the market research and background materials I need—for your product, service, customers, competitors? Or will I need to gather this information myself ? Is your project part of a larger marketing/communications strategy so that I need to integrate what I am doing with other folks?

  • Do you have photographs of the food product or will I be doing those?  How many and how complex?

  • Is the market strategy and branding done or do we need to brainstorm and figure out the big picture first?

  • There is very little that cannot be accomplished virtually, but if I do need to physically attend a meeting that is a pricing factor.

  • I only create marketing copy and do not do website development or graphic design. I can however coordinate the components and provide a total package price for your one stop shopping convenience.

All that said, there is some negotiation that can be done.  I fully understand budgets vary by company size and profitability and I have sensitivity to that.  If I can be involved in the project and make you successful even if my price needs to come down a bit, I will do it.  If your budget and my price are completely out of sync then please be honest earlier than later. 

Realize we can also work together to prioritize what needs to be done and do a phased in approach.  What I will not do is simply low ball a figure in the interest of getting business.  “You get what you pay for” and as a professional, I charge professional rates.   I want to be able to put in the time required for your project rather than rush yours through so I can low ball another just to keep the business coming in.  Long term relationships are my goal and to that end I should mention that my fee includes two free rounds of revisions.  To further ensure your satisfaction, I work from an assignment spec sheet that we complete together before starting the project.  That way we are both on the same page from the get go! 

Lastly, once we agree on the project cost, I ask for 1/3 up front, 1/3 after the first draft and 1/3 once the project is completed. 



Once I have a general idea of the project’s size and scope I can give you a ball park turnaround time. When the assignment spec sheet is completed I will give you a firm deadline.


Typically a week is the minimum.  If you have a shorter internal deadline and I think I can meet it, an additional charge of 25 – 50% will be applied.