Digital Marketing, Content, SEO, Web Copy

I currently provide digital marketing, content, SEO, web copy services to my clients.  If there is something you are interested in doing that is not listed I still may be able to do it. If not I will be honest and tell you why.  If I can’t do it, chances are I have a contact that we can partner with so you don’t have to look elsewhere.  Just ask. 

Web Copy

This can be anything from creating a simple information or home page to complete copy for the whole site.  If needed I can coordinate the project with graphic and web designers to create a one stop experience. 

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not new...though the term and a focus on including more of it is. What the relatively new term refers to is sharing information for free. Think in terms of the "soft sell". "Content" leads the reader toward a sale by informing them...answering their questions, solving their problems. The "copy" then takes over and closes the sale. Who doesn't like to feel they made their own educated decision?



These are a series of emails that go out to site visitors that have already provided their e-mail addresses by signing up for a membership, buying something, signing up for a newletter/free report.   Email marketing is potentially one of the most effective sales tools available…if done well.   


  • There are three components to effective autoresponders: Build rapport; people buy from sources they know and trust.

  • Offer value; over deliver and people notice.

  • USP; explain what your unique selling proposition is…what is different about your product or service…what makes it either better than your competition or…perhaps there is no comparison and that needs to be explained.

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Search Engine Optimization 

Is your site getting the exposure it deserves?  SEO optimization makes sure your site has the behind the scenes elements to make sure Google, Yahoo and the other search engines find what they need to categorize and describe your site. 


Site Audit

​This service is free with no obligation. I thoroughly review your site from top to bottom and provide constructive input on how it can be improved along with a proposal on how to accomplish it. This includes a cost proposal to make the necessary changes and time frame. Of course, any recommendations would be discussed with you to ensure your thoughts and ideas are incorporated.


I use the below 5 “C’s” as the frame work for my analysis:

  • Customer Focused; Are your sites keywords and content geared toward your ideal prospects and how they are thinking and searching on-line?

  • Competitive; Does the copy include keywords that help people find your site at the top of search engine results and demonstrate how your product is the best solution or most appealing? This includes SEO.

  • Clear; On each page are pathways easy to navigate such that the customer readily gets answers and is made comfortable that you are a reputable seller? Are they able to easily and logically end up on the order page?

  • Conversion-optimized; Are messages written to prompt clicks that lead to sign-ups, leads, or sales?

  • Consistent; Are pages connected across the site with smooth flow and logical messaging?

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Social Media

First off I must confess it took me a while to buy into this marketing medium.  There is a part of it that can be scary from a privacy perspective, but the reality is if you are going to be successful, you simply have to do it.  Effectively.  Basically the whole world has shrunk as a result of it. Word of mouth is the best way of increasing sales…or decreasing them.  The birth of social media was a game changer.  What used to take a week to get to the neighbors has been reduced to seconds…and the neighbors (so to speak) can now live hundreds or even thousands of miles away!  The implications are enormous, but to just ignore the medium is to be trumped by those companies who don’t.  So if you need a partner in this regard, let’s work together to make the most of Facebook, Google +, Four Square, Twitter and others.  I can help you just develop an overall social media strategy or I can take over daily monitoring and posting.  Or anything in between for that matter.  Remember my scalability? Whatever you do, don’t be left out of this marketing avenue.  It simply must be part of your sales funnel.